Vocal Coaching for Public Speakers

Do you speak in public for work or as a hobby?


-Do you find that you struggle to speak for a long time at an higher volume?


-Do you feel discomfort as you speak, need to clear your throat often, or does your voice become hoarse after speaking?


-Do you find that the sound of your voice is flat and lacks impact?


-Do you find that you struggle to perform at you best because of performance anxiety or nerves?


-Do you want to be able to inspire and motivate people with your speeches?


-Do you want to learn more about how your voice works and learn exercises to help you better control it?


-Do you want to learn about how to properly take care of your voice before, during and after giving talks/presentations?



All of the above are issues I help my public speaking clients to improve. So often, our performance and delivery of WHAT we're saying is affected by our worries/concerns and preoccupations with HOW we're saying it or what our voice sounds like. Once you have a better, scientifically proven understanding of how your voice works, you can relax, and rely on the muscle memory of what you've practiced to take care of your vocal technique, so you can get back to really focussing on delivering the MESSAGE you want your audience to understand.

Vocal technique and clear delivery of your message are inter-linked in more than just the obvious ways. Learning good, secure vocal technique gives you a confidence in your voice that helps with performance anxiety. Being able to manipulate your voice to make the wide variety of different sounds that everyone has the potential to allows you more choice when it comes to delivering important sections of your speech, and will help you to be more emotive and impactful in your performance.


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