Expressing your feelings through the lyrics of your song is an art that not many people have. Are you looking for a platform that helps you polish your skills? Do you wish to become better at what you do? Well, you are at the right place - Gordon Robertson Music provides you with one-on-one vocal lessons! We believe that the right vocal training can take you to heights of perfecting your sound. We at Gordon Robertson Music have the world’s best vocal coaches! Most importantly, we honour your dream as much as you do. For this very reason, you will get perfect learning opportunities while you are here with us!


At Gordon Robertson Music, all of us collectively share the love for music. It acts as a driving tool and motivation for all of us to be better every day. We encourage every single person to pursue singing as your passion and turn it into your career! This requires effort, consistency and a lot of hard work, well, Gordon Robertson Music is here to help you through it all!

  • Work on Voice Quality

The first and foremost thing that our professional vocal coaches will work on is your voice quality. The thing about voice quality is that you need to keep exploring it in various ways. We at Gordon Robertson Music give you the room to grow and learn at your pace but with better guidance! Bringing a proper flow in your tone is exactly what you need to be a soulful singer and our aim is to help you achieve that level!

  • Maintain Control 

One of many things that some beginners lack in is the control over their voice. Because of this, we help you gain control over your tone and key. Here at Gordon Robertson Music, our purpose is to ensure that you learn to govern the right notes and follow the right keys. 

  • Performance Tactics

Being a singer does not make you a performer - this is why our vocal coaches give you the accurate tips and techniques that help you become what you are destined to be. Making everyone a part of your art is what makes you a good performer. Our vocal coaches will help you overcome your stage fright as well as teach you the trick of audience inclusion!

  • Healthy Critique for Improved Learning

What makes you a better artist? Taking the critique positively and becoming better than ever! Your expert vocal coaches will give you a safe space to grow but will make sure that something wonderful comes out of that process. Our aim is to make sure that you are not just becoming an artist but a human being who knows what to do with a good suggestion. 

  • Practical and Theoretical Knowledge

These lessons are specifically for your improved learning which is why our focus is both on practical and theoretical teaching. The coaches will not just hand over an instrument or send you out on stage instantly. We start by tapping the knowledgeable learning part of the lessons. This will help you build expertise and information side by side. We at Gordon Robertson Music consider this as an essential part of the process because once you are out of our little umbrella, we want you to go strong!

If becoming a passionate singer is your choice, join us at Gordon Robertson Music singing lessons led by the best vocal coaches in town! Contact us now to book your slot.


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