What you really need to be able to express your art is confidence. You need to have self-satisfaction while you are allowing yourself to be open to such things. Music is an art that is considered the loudest expression of love, grief or every feeling that is known to a human heart. However, to be able to get that voice out of your system, you need some guidance and a little push. The good news is that Gordon Robertson Music is all about making sure of it by providing singing lessons in Scotland! Our aim is to make sure that you get a lot of learning out of these lessons and that you become a better version of yourself. We do not only focus on the musical but the maintenance part as an artist too!




  • Breathing Exercise 

The first most vital part of being a singer is working on your breath. The thing about breathing is that once you have a stable breathing pattern, you will be able to control your vocals in a much better manner. Your respective instructors at Gordon Robertson Music will give you tips and tricks to ensure that you learn this exercise. Most importantly, common misconceptions and myths will be busted!

  • Vocal Chords Care

Another important part of our singing lessons in Scotland is focusing on taking care of your health. Your biggest asset is your vocal cords and if by unhealthy diet or activities, they get messed up, your singing will be affected. So working with us means that you will get guidance on every little part of being a singer. 

  • Constant Practice

Your instructors at Gordon Robertson Music will not let you get lazy. Our aim is to ensure that you become a great singer and the perfect way of doing that is by practising every single day for the rest of your life. We will make sure that you become great at what you do and for this, your attention and care will be highly necessary. 

  • Finding your Genre

At Gordon Robertson Music, we are working on you, for you. This is why we make sure that we help you find your voice and then your genre. No matter what your voice quality predicts, it is always within your heart what you want to achieve. Our responsibility as great support is to help you look for it in the right places. 

  • Improving Vocal Capacity

Do you think that there is a limit as to what you can do? Artists never stop growing! Every single day, you will learn a new thing. At Gordon Robertson Music, we will help you to improve your voice quality so that you achieve what you have always wanted. The best part of these singing lessons is that your vocal capacity is worked upon!

  • Record and Repeat!

Lastly, what is important for your growth is your own viewpoint as an artist. We will encourage you to record yourself and then analyse your own strengths and weaknesses. This way your skills will be harnessed in a way you wouldn’t have thought of before. Most importantly, you will be open to grasping every good thing and that is what being a good artist means!

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