Every person is unique in their own way with a different set of attributes and skills. However, the hidden traits are sometimes hard to find because one can be way too afraid to find the truth about themselves. For this very reason, you need a guiding light to move in the right direction. Here at Gordon Robertson Music, we are all about becoming that beacon of hope for those of you with a passion and love for music. We are providing effectively organized singing courses in London and that too, in the medium of your choice. 

Gordon Robertson Music is a school of thought with an aim; help you become an even better singer. Even if you do not have the courage to explore your vocals on your own, you should reach out to us. We will guide you every step of the way! Our singing instructors will give you that daily dose of confidence boost that you need. 




  • Vocals - Tightness or Tension

First things first, the reason why you might not be able to get out of your comfort zone is that you have been suppressing your vocals. One thing that will help you be better is by working step by step. At Gordon Robertson Music, your singing teacher will help you ease out the tension in your vocals. The best way to do that is constant but steady practice. So coming to us means that we will be a complete part of your story!

  • Voice Control

Next up is making sure that you have voice control – this means that you need to be able to gauge the tone of your voice. Here at Gordon Robertson Music, you will get to learn new tips and tricks to control your voice with or without music. Acoustic versions will not make you nervous anymore because you will be able to move with the flow!

  • Range and Strength

Controlling your voice comes with the exploration of your strength and range. With us by your side, you will get practical and theoretical learning opportunities. Here at Gordon Robertson Music, we will guide you to use your voice quality, strength and range in the right manner. 

  • Tune and Tone

A common misconception existing among beginners is that tune and tone are the same things. However, working on a single keynote and working with continuous keynotes is different. These are the little details that we will help you pay attention to. The best part is that Gordon Robertson Music never misses out even on the small things. Our aim is to see you go forward with your goals and become the best one!

  • Expressions 

The synchronization between your music and your melody is highly important. The voice that comes from within is the one that’s true. We will help you to improve not only your voice expression but also in feeling the music. The only purpose is to give you the chance to harness your skill.

What are you waiting for? Hire Gordon Robertson Music now!

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